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55 Liberty Ship Way, Sausalito, CA 94965 (within 60 miles) Bay Area, California

Phone: (415) 740-6574

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Touring & Sight Seeing by boat

Imagine the refreshing mist of the bay kissing your skin. The roar of the ocean greets you in the early morning. A variety of wildlife and natural scenery surrounds you on every side.


Reel Time Charters, LLC offers you this private tour experience on a 31-foot boat. Come aboard our charter boat and find your special spot on the water.


Fishing : You can trust us to give you great insight about the area. Our charter boat is docked ten minutes away from the Golden Gate Bridge. We are licensed by and meet all requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard and are fully insured as well.


Our fishing charter is a knowledgeable member of various associations in the area such as the Golden Gate Fisherman Association, Golden Gate Salmon Association, and Coastside Fishing Club., contact us for more information on pricing.


Bay Tours

Have a fantastic day (or 1/2 day) seeing the sights. We are located in beautiful Sausalito minutes from theGolden Gate Bridge, Fort Point, Alcatraz, Angel Island, Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39 and the Seals! See the City waterfront & Pac Bell stadium, Home of the Giants! Take a break & enjoy a lunch either on board or at a famous restaurant dockside. Either way we can help you plan your trip that will be a highlight of your stay in San Francisco! 

Ocean/Eco Tours

The near coastal areas offer many opportunities for wildlife viewing. It is not unusual to see Humpback whales in or near the Bay. Recently there has been mega amounts of feed which have attracted and encouraged large amounts of whales to prolong their stay. Greys, Mincke and Blue Whales frequent offshore waters. California Sea Lions, Harbour Seals and even Elephant Seals make their home here or pay a visit. Many & varied sea birds, sometimes in the thousands, are here for you Birders!

Fish stocks are healthy and San Francisco is home to a Salmon Run that can number in the 100's of thousands of fish. Finally, the world famous Gulf of the Farallons is known for its robust population of Great White Sharks. Who knows, you might just see one that you will never forget!

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